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Brenna Dickson is a local Bay Area composer and clarinetist. Ms. Dickson continued her music studies at College of San Mateo where she immersed herself into the CSM Music Department studying with Mike Galisatus, clarinet/saxophone instructor Tim Devine, and jazz instructor Chuck MacKinnon. She held an apprenticeship with San Francisco clarinetist and mouthpiece maker Clark W Fobes where she spent two years learning the manufacturing side of clarinet mouthpiece and barrel production.

She completed her Bachelor’s of Music in Composition from San Jose State University, studying under Dr. Brian Belet. Additionally, she has studied clarinet under Dr. Janet Averett at San Jose State University, and private instructor Mark Sowlakis.


Ms. Dickson has developed her private teaching studio and curriculum for clarinet and music theory. She is currently a private instructor and educator in clarinet and music theory for a variety of schools in the Silicon Valley. Her approach to teaching involves detail-oriented instruction, thorough and adaptable communication for a diverse range of learners and thinkers, exposure to a variety of musical concepts in addition to clarinet, and most importantly helping students to develop independent skills for learning, practicing, problem-solving, and critical thinking for all their future challenges.

"The beauty of private lessons is that each student is given the specific attention and communication they need to succeed. Not only in lessons, but for the rest of study time during the week when the student must rely completely on themselves to act. I believe this can be achieved by anyone who is given a combination of the proper thinking tools and genuine inspiration by a mentor. Each student learns to grow and reach for opportunity as a powerful and capable individual, which becomes one of their greatest strengths for life."


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