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Found You || 2022

Directed by Marijane Vargas

During a game of Midnight Hide and Seek at summer camp, an anxious Lucy struggles to hide her werewolf identity from her fellow campers! And it’s a full moon! Will Lucy be successful in concealing herself?

Pierina Caligaris

Rigger, Social Media Coordinator, Animator

Maia Mallari

Animation Co-Lead, Editing & Foley,

Board Revisionist

Rosanna Davila

Animation Co-Lead, Lighting Lead,

Board Artist

Derek Christmann

2D & 3D Animator, Board Artist,

Visual Development

Esteban Enriquez

2D & 3D Animator, Visual Development

Marijane Vargas

Director, Rigger, 3D Animator

Grace Bennett

Producer, Stop Motion Set Lead,

Visual Development

Maya Carroll

Story Lead, Modeler, Lighting Artist

Felix Jara

Visual Development Lead, Practical Set Lighting + Fabrication, Compositing

Mitch Alano

Modeling and Texturing Lead,

Rendering Lead, Lighting Artist,

Lillyanne "Lilly" Tran

Modeler, Compositor, Visual Development


Poster Design by Grace Bennett

Found You - Soundtrack
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At Bay || 2021

Winner of "Best Original Score" at the Reel Loud Film Festival

Nominated for "Best Original Score"

by IndieShortFest

Los Angeles International Film Festival

"At Bay" is a mostly silent short film loosely inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft short story, "The Music of Erich Zann." The film follows Erika, a young violinist who spends her days playing for spare change, and her nights warding off an otherworldly entity.

This film contains all non-diegetic sound, therefore the score is the only sound occuring throughout the entire film to enhance the story.

Directed by Mason Campbell

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At Bay - Featured Soundtrack
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A Fleeting Moment || 2021

An animated short film that follows the journey of two raindrops, Brine and River,as they fall from the sky above a busy city.The path Brine and River take has many ups and downs, but it teaches them to enjoy every moment they have together. Join this lovable pair on their journey to discover what it means to be alive. 



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Directed by Allyanna Demafeliz

A Fleeting Moment - Soundtrack
00:00 / 03:55
Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 12.23.48
The Chicken Case || 2020

Original music composed in collaboration for an interactive animation adventure

Can you solve the mystery of the missing chicken?

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