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Featured Projects

Cover Art by Brenna Dickson

A Blade Runner-inspired audio track to compliment an image of a dark side to California's atmosphere. The artwork is an abstract representation of the high temperatures and smoke that have overwhelmed California for the last couple of years. A strange mixture of bright and dark in one environmental setting with sight of an obscure future.

"To Never Return to Earth" tells the short story of a space man making his journey into space only to reach an unexplainable turbulence that sets him off course. This force pulls at him with a tenacious yet ethereal force towards the point where space and time merge into a blur of foreboding, nebulous light. His breaking radio signal back home gradually fades as it sends its conceding last farewell.


The “Night Lark” is an inspired continuation of the concept behind Vaughn Williams’ “ The Lark Ascending”. While Williams’ famous piece reflects the daily adventure of a morning lark, “The Night Lark” takes its audience on a contrasting journey beginning from the moment the sun sinks below the horizon, engulfing the world with a calm, blue dusk. This piece continues into a darker and sinister side of our morning lark as it transforms into an enthralling, menacing and wretched character that skulks throughout its mysterious environment. It is not until the first blink of sunrise peaks above the horizon at the very end of the piece that the night lark rushes back into hiding before reviving the morning lark again in time for the break of day.

Performed by the San Jose Chamber Orchestra

“Victor” was commissioned by professional bass player, Rodrigo Ruiz. This solo piece for string bass is a reflection of one’s internal struggle to be seen and heard, breaking one’s surrounding barriers. Its exploration of advanced extended technique for solo string bass brings a fresh and solid piece of repertoire of daring agility and skill composed with modern musical interpretation.

Performed by Rodrigo Ruiz
Recorded by Daniel Valdez

Two bassoons, two gnarly bassoonists, a load of talent and musical angst swept together into six minutes of edge.

Performed by Samuel Troxell and Sean Martin

“Mind[S]pace”, a piece for solo Bb clarinet and live electronics. The title is intended to have two meanings: Mind Space, for an audible representation of the mind’s internal process and journey, and also Mind’s Pace, because each of the three scenes represent different paces at which our mind's process: development and growth of ideas, hopeful and energetic spirit, and a conflicting reminiscent departure.

Performed by Brenna Dickson

"Pushing" is the fourth movement from a series called Cognitive Pictures. This movement represents the mental drive of moving forward in any creative or methodical progress. Repetitive yet flowing, our will to keep pushing towards any worthwhile goal reveals a diverse array of ideas and outcomes that grows into that final moment of fulfillment.

Performed by Brenna Dickson, Colleen Fernandez, Sean Martin, and Johnny Selmer

Original rescore sample for the video game, Flower. This arrangement features a more ambient atmosphere to represent the natural flows of wind through the sky and grass and the vibrancy of the fields of flowers.

Brenna Dickson © 2023
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